Donate for child education and protection

Act for Children

Act for Children is an initiative by ActionAid India to ensure children in marginalised and vulnerable communities have access to their basic rights especially education, healthcare and protection. The initiative is aimed at creating an enabling environment for children so they may enjoy a childhood all children deserves.


ActionAid India works with grassroots allies to address issues related to the protection, nutrition and education of children, while supporting rescue and rehabilitation of children who are victims of crime. We work to empower communities to remain vigilant against the risk of child sexual abuse, child trafficking, child marriage and child labour while facilitating shelter, counselling and education support.


We work with communities to ensure enrolment of out-of-school children and strive to sensitise school management committees and local administration on the need to proactively promote child rights. We help to ensure children have access to nutrition and health services. We also work with children to build their life skills and orient them on rights and entitlements.

What children face

  • 6 million children between 6 – 13 years are still out of the school system.
  • 1 million children aged 5 -14 are engaged in child labour.
  • 47 million students drop out of school by the 10th
  • 290 children become victims of crime every day.
  • 1,05,785 crimes against children were reported in 2016.
  • 38% of children under five in India are stunted.
  • 21% of children are severely underweight.
  • At 39 deaths per 1000 live births, India’s under-5 mortality rate is poorer than Nepal and Bangladesh.

Your support creates a big impact

In the last 5 years:

  • 1,61,671 children enrolled in schools; 40% of the children enrolled
  • 8,407 most marginalised children received scholarships
  • 5,194 School Management Committees made functional
  • 13,759 malnutrition cases addressed
  • 4,100 children linked to mid-day meal scheme
  • 1,467 children rescued from child labour, linked to family and school