Donate for child education in Kashmir

Children in Conflict Areas

Children in conflict areas are especially vulnerable to violence, exploitation and trauma. Conflict areas are often also sites for gross violations of child rights.  As conflict happens around them, the immediate psychological and social support networks that children need in order to have a happy childhood and healthy development, are degraded. Often the special needs of children with disabilities and the rehabilitation needs of children suffering from trauma get side-lined. Kashmir is no exception.

Child Rights in Kashmir

The Kashmir region has faced decades of conflict and unrest. The children in these areas are severely affected by the frequent curfews that disrupt daily activities with irregular access to schooling, trauma from the conflict and the deprivation of a normal life where they can play, learn and socialize with other children. The continuous unrests puts children at risk of physical harm, psychological trauma and greatly increases the chances of their dropping out of schools in order to be safe.

Helping Children in Kashmir

ActionAid Association’s work on Child Rights in Kashmir, as an NGO, focuses on building and maintaining Child Friendly Spaces in conflict areas. You can donate and help the children of Kashmir by supporting our Child Friendly Spaces Project. Child Friendly Spaces provide a platform for children to learn, express and socialize and also get psychosocial support for their psycho-social needs with a focus on providing support and socialisation to children with special needs and children affected by trauma.

Currently more than 500 children are enrolled in 10 Child Friendly Spaces

The Child Friendly Space (CFS) Centres provide a safe environment for children even during times of unrest when the schools are closed and you can contribute to making this happen. In addition, these safe spaces act as a platform to identify community children in need of special care and protection. At the CFS, the children participate in a variety of activities including sports, crafts, drawing, painting, debates, and other development programmes. These activities support children’s growth and development and support child education programmes.

You can help these children who suffer daily and provide them with education and help in shaping their future. Donate online to help children in Kashmir get access to basic education, and space where they can express themselves. Our CFS centres support out-of-school children, differently abled, children from the economically weaker background and children with psychosocial issues. Currently we have more than 500 children enrolled in 10 Child Friendly Spaces running in Budgaon district of Jammu & Kashmir. At the peak of our intervention we had more than 18,000 children enrolled in 100 Child Friendly Spaces, with 50% participation of girls.

Your support will help ensure they are able to learn, grow and play in a safe space without any fear. Join us in creating safe spaces for children in vulnerable circumstances.